I’ve Been To Manila Series

One of the reliable destinations for fun is the UP campus in Diliman, Quezon City. On any day, you won’t run out of things to do. I’ve stayed in the campus for five years during college, and still frequently visited it after moving out. Some of my favorite to do’s are listed below:

■ Get that running shoes to the tracks early morning when the misty fresh air is all you need to set the mood for the day.
■ Join a run for a cause. Service to the nation is the devotion of an Isko.
■ Play frisbee at the UP Sunken Garden, or badminton at the back of the admin building.
■ Try the old-fashioned duckpin bowling at the UP Almuni Center.
■ Have a selfie pic with Zorro, the masked superhero, when you meet him at the UP Oval.
■ Walk your dog. Or walk your boyfriend when a dog is not handy.
■ Forget diet. Cheat with banana que, taho, or cheese corn after burning out calories.
■ Take the Ikot or Toki jeepneys just to ponder on your future. (Now, UP has a new craze, a short-trip train similar to the MRT.)
■ Explore the bazaars and the UP Shopping Center for good finds, e.g. ukay-ukay, books.
■ Taste the legendary isaw of Mang Larry.
■ Food trip at CASAA, Rodicks, The Chocolate Kiss cafe, UP TechnoHub, and the strip of shops at the back of the post office.
■ Food trip at the nearby Krus na Ligas, UP Village, or UP Town Center.
■ Watch sports events and concerts at the UP Sunken Garden.
■ Watching Dulaang UP’s theatrical runs, among the best plays you could watch in your entire life.
■ Feel geeky in the company of books and bookshelves at the UP Library.
■ Check the art collection at the Vargas Museum.
■ Watch special screenings at the UP Theater for less than the price of SM tickets.
■ Take a lot of photos, from sunsets to selfies or a stolen shot of the naked Oblation.

How to Get There?
Okay, that depends on where you’re coming from. Better check this site for a detailed guide.

Indeed, being in this place is just so much fun and adventure. Got any favorite activity when visiting UP Diliman? What are your great memories in UPD?* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare and Blackberry Curve.
* Some grabbed photos: 


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