(Part III of the La Union Series)

After a short walk, I started seeing farms of corn and tobacco. And after a few more steps, the sight of trellises filled with green and purple fruits surprised me. The excitement barometer hit maximum, so I texted my contact, Danica, that I was already around the place. I was told to wait for Kuya Romy who would pick me up in their tricycle.

The three-minute ride stopped before low-lying trellises. The area was bare because the grapes were just pruned. I said hello to the yellow corns left and right, and then a few cactuses which I would later learn are dragon fruits.

At the farm, I met Danica Gapuz. I added her on Facebook last year, and then bugged her nonstop about bringing me to their grapes farm. After missing one or two harvest seasons, I finally had my turn to experience picking grapes straight from the vines.

* Gapuz Farms sells grapes cuttings and assists interested farmers in growing their own vineyards. For grapes cuttings supply, demos, and seminars, you can contact Joe Gapuz at 0915.888.6724.

* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.

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