The past three years has seen us constantly evolving. Now, we take another leap. Beyond storytelling and sharing travel guides and reviews, we’re transforming our blog into a platform that will offer true value to our audience.

Through our website, we will to bring together travelers, local guides, service providers, and tour companies in the Philippines to create your life’s best trips.

We see this as an end to end support to travelers who look for ideas and inspiration in our articles, and then right away want help from expert tour providers to plan a trip that’s hassle-free and worth their time and money. We’ll take them where the action is. We’ll provide options all in one page, without them needing to comb through the internet to make the right decision.

On the other hand, we help local guides, tour organizers, travel companies, and service providers with their much needed online presence. As a business partner, we help them get noticed, grow their ventures, and provide them data to be able to deliver the best trips to their clients.

Tour Companies & Local Guides

If you are a travel agency or company who organizes tours in key destinations in the Philippines, this blog is the perfect venue for you. Show the world what you’ve got and why you stand out. Get noticed by your potential customers who visit our blog for travel ideas.

For instance, if you provide services to Caramoan Islands, your business name and contact details will appear at the end of all articles for that destination. This will help readers contact you quickly to inquire about your services until they book their trip.


Because we want to advertise only the best service providers, we have set a list of minimum requirements that need to be met:

1) You must be a registered business. We want to partner only with legitimate businesses to ensure safety and quality of service to our customers. Local guides may need to present proof that they are trained and accredited for tour guiding. Car and transportation providers also need to submit a copy of their business permit.

2) You must be in service for at least 6 months. Familiarity with the business is good, but we put high premium on expertise and quality. We want to ensure that our partners have broad experience in the travel industry and are well equipped to respond to the needs of our customers.

3) You must have an online page or website. Your Facebook page or website will help us assess if your business meets our requirements and uphold our core values. Customer reviews matter and only those who have earned 4.5 rating out of 5 will be approved.

IN PHOTO: The jeers and cheers at Dinagyang Festival (Marlo Palencia); Sunsets in Cebu (Abbie Ruiz); Squad goals come true in Apo Island (Bert Fuentes); Gigantes Island’s famous Cabugao Gamay (Aris Mape); Kawasan Falls in Cebu (Abbie Ruiz)


How much is your contracted rate?
We don’t contract anyone as of the moment. Until we get everything in place, we are offering this service free to all tour companies, organizers, local guides, and service providers.

I’m interested. How do I get listed?
We have an online sign up to gather the data we need. You can fill out the questionnaire here.

I filled out the questionnaire. How do I know I’m approved?
Reviewing your credentials may take at most two weeks. Once approved, we will send you an email on the status of your application, and you will see your business details uploaded at the end of articles where your presence is most relevant.

Is this available for any destination?
While we’re still building up our travel stories for different destinations in the Philippines, we will only enlist those service providers for the 16 destinations below. You may also arrange to sponsor our trip for a destination, so we can write about it and your business. See CONTACT US for details.

Sign up now or refer to us your best tour companies, organizers, and service providers. You can use the link below or send us a message on our Facebook page.

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ArisMape is a travel insider at ABS-CBN's Choose Philippines. He loves orange, halo-halo, and PowerPoint, and hates beef, slow internet, and long taxi lines. His pastime is watching people watch other people. He swears on the power of smartphone. His half-life? Thirty.