Before heading back to Manila, my friends took me to a tour in Callao Cave. The cave itself was an unfathomable sight. The grandeur of its chambers, the rock formations, and the blue sky peaking into the holes of the caves, they are just adorable.

From the viewing deck of Callao Cave, I had a great view of yet another beautiful river named by the locals as Pinacanauan—which means “leftmost”. In the long path taken by the Cagayan River, from the Caraballo Mountains to the Babuyan Channel, many small rivers are born. One of them is Pinacanauan, the cleanest tributary of the longest and widest river in the Philippines. Pinacanauan is found in the municipality of Peñablanca in Cagayan Valley. Along with other rivers, it drains the agricultural plains of Cagayan Valley and serves as a water source for irrigation and other purposes. With its clear waters and beautiful natural setting, it is one of the tourist attractions of Cagayan province.

I would have taken a dip in the clean waters had I got more time to spend. In my next visit, I will take a boat ride, go fishing, and, at sunset, watch the bats fly out of the caves.

Thanks to Kitet for the photos. And many thanks from the bottom of my heart, Harry, Rox, and Guia. You made this trip a long-lasting memory.


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