(Part V of the La Union Series)

Lunch was almost ready. On the table was fresh crunchy sea weeds and green mangoes with bagoong dip. The watermelon was cut open and the fish smoked in the grill. The fat cow in the corn field mooed at the smell of dinengdeng, an Ilocano vegetable dish.

I found new company under the vines—not the reddish-purple fruits, but Danica’s friends who all drove from Manila to La Union to experience farm life. The idea was to relax, slow down, and pull ourselves away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Calm down in the hammock. Turn off the internet, make new friends, and talk to real people. Share jokes and travel stories. Strum the guitar or just listen to farm music (thanks to the birds and the cows). Savor the fresh summer air. Chase the chicken and the dog. Take photos. And, of course, pick grapes! So I did all those and had a good time that I honestly did not think of going back to Manila.

The entire event which kicked off during our visit was dubbed as The Porch Life Project. During harvest seasons, people can spend time at the farm to experience good life. Sooner, after expansion work is over and cottages have been put up for more visitors, I will certainly take my friends to this place in La Union to experience this one of a kind adventure.

For scheduled pick and pay, contact Danica at 0916.418.6232 . If you’re interested in growing your own grapes and living your dream porch life, Gapuz Farms can also assist you in starting up your own vineyard. For grapes cuttings supply, demos, and seminars, you can contact Joe Gapuz at 0915.888.6724.

* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.

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