Part 3 of 3

When the sky was brighter, the sea woke up and sent a few big waves gargling to the shore. Ann and James, the hobbit-friends took a nice spot in the shallow part of the sea, under the shadow of the big talisay. The hobbit just listened to his friends as they talked in foreign Cebuano tongue. When he looked up, he saw the blue sky through the many thousand holes of the leaves of the old talisay tree.

From out of the blue, an old man greeted them and introduced himself as Diomedes. The two hobbit-friends soaking themselves in the sea took no time to get the old man talking. And his was a nice love story of how the place got its name.


Long time ago, there were two lovers who vowed  to each other their undying love: Ting, a beautiful maiden from a rich family and Ko, an ordinary man. Because Ting’s parents did not approve of their love, the lovers decided to run away. On the night of their escape, however, as they were about to cross the sea, lightning struck and turned both Ting and Ko into big boulders of rock. The locals then named the beach as Tingko in memory of the two lovers. The two big rocks are still on the shores of the beautiful beach, waiting to be waken after a long sleep.

* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.


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