(Ninth of the La Union Series)

The gang of grapes pickers said goodbye, and the hobbit was on his own. Wanting more adventures, he went farther north to the surfing hotspots in San Juan. Finally, the curiosity about the surf board ride would come to an end.


The Circle, 4PM. Speaking impressive English, Emily greeted him at the gate and explained the rates. She said the large group from Naga City had just left. That day, they didn’t have a lot of guests, only the four ladies from Baguio City. Emily then announced that no hobbit would sleep in a hammock that night. That was just cool.

The entire place was colorful (from Emily’s word, it’s not a square peg). The stone steps and the stairs, the walls, and the lockers, everything was painted with bright colors. There were two bunk houses, one co-ed bunk house with 45 beds and an all female bunk house with 8 beds. There were 35 hammocks with built in mosquito nets, a relaxing common area for socialization, and a tree house.

At night, there was merrymaking. The four surfers from Baguio introduced themselves as Jen, Jam, Tanya, and Grace. They are all experienced surfers who regularly go down to San Juan to surf. Later that night, surf instructors Christian, Reymart, and Junior also joined. The day ended with a celebration, a long session of storytelling over a bottle of beer, some nuts, and strawberry.

The next day, the group all headed to the beach to surf. No one was a stranger. Bound by the love for sports and adventure, a new friendship was forged, and everyone belonged to the circle.

Bgy Urbiztondo, Circle Road, San Juan, La Union

How to get there:
Click here for instructions.

Rental and fees:
bunk beds (P450), hammocks (P350), surfboard (P200 per hour), surf instructor (P200 per hour)

* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.

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