Buntun Bridge is perhaps the best spot to enjoy the sunset in Tuguegarao City. The 2-kilometer long metal structure is the longest river bridge in the Philippines. It stretches over the grand Cagayan River, the largest river basin in the country, and joins the city of Tuguegarao to the town of Solana.

Crossing Buntun Bridge was quite an adventure. A thriller. The river was calm, breathtaking. The cold wind gently whistled in my ears as the cars and trucks swooshed from one end to another, causing the bridge to shake. In the middle of the bridge, right over the great river, I stopped and held on the metal railings and took a deep breath. From a distance, I saw the wide cornfield looking up to the golden sky. And when the sun already hid itself behind the mountains, I reached the bridge’s other end.

Being in that place was a wonderful time in my hobbit-years. @


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