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Thanks for reaching this page and caring about our copyright and usage policy.

Just like you, we work hard for the stuff we put up on this website. We spend for our travels, we research, pay fees to keep the blog running, and work long hours to edit and produce content. These we do to earn traffic, income, awards, and build our brand. Same stuff you do.

When our brains are in the borderline of sober and insane and we run out of original ideas, we run to Google to find help. We quote or use the work of others. But when we do, we task ourselves to reach the owner, get permission, and make the proper attribution in the form of a thank you or a link.

So, with the hard work that we all do, we ask everyone to practice integrity and respect.


Do’s and Don’ts

1. At all times, obtain our permission before you reproduce or republish our content, whether in part or in whole, either in print or online.
2. Feel free to reword our content to make it suitable for your use. But, when you lift at least seven words verbatim from our published work, we require you to quote us as the source. Do not pass it around as your original work.
2. Unless you have paid for the right to use our content, do not duplicate or reproduce our work in any platform, whether in part in whole, without a credit and hyperlink.
3. Do not use our photos in any way without the appropriate caption and watermark.
4. Do not sell, reproduce, or redistribute our content to generate revenue without our permission.
5. If you’ve found an error in any of our articles, let us know so we can update the site.


More enlightenment here:

Can I Say My Blog Is Copyrighted?: The Basic Nuts and Bolts of Copyright Protection, Mark Fowler

Is it original? An editor’s guide to identifying plagiarism, Benjamin Mullin


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