Forget the malls. If you want a different twist to your shopping experience, do it in the clean and beautiful town of Liliw in Laguna. What to buy? Here are some discoveries.

1) Slippers—Of course, footwear is attached to the name of Liliw. This local industry has thrived for years and has gain respect for big and small buyers. One street has a line of shops selling slippers and shoes of all designs and sizes. They’re colorful, fashionable, and cheap. Surely, the ladies would love a tour in this place.

2) Kesong Puti—Seriously, this intrigued the hobbit. “Kesong puti” literally means white cheese, and that’s exactly how it looks. It’s a curd of fresh cheese made of unskimmed carabao milk and salt wrapped in banana leaves. The old lady at the side of the slipper store sold it for P200. It’s quite pricey. It actually sells at P220, but she marked down the price because it was her “buena mano” or first sale.

3) Pasalubong—Take home sweets and a wide option of baked stuff. The stalls sell everything from turon to sampalok, banana chips to pastries of different shapes and names.

4) And more—Just go around the area and you’ll find a lot more stuff that you’ll want to take home to your kitchen. Buy fresh fruits, vegetables, crabs, and ricecakes.

So, the next time you visit Liliw, don’t forget the shopping bag. There are just many items to buy in this place in Laguna.

* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.


ArisMape is a travel insider at ABS-CBN's Choose Philippines. He loves orange, halo-halo, and PowerPoint, and hates beef, slow internet, and long taxi lines. His pastime is watching people watch other people. He swears on the power of smartphone. His half-life? Thirty.