Don’t be too quick at judging this hotel. Its façade is easy to mistake as that of another boring establishment and it doesn’t have an obvious entrance. Not a grand one. It’s like you just passed by a glass door, a glass wall, a security guard, and that’s all to it. But wait, by the entrance is the name “Roxas President’s Inn”—and it’s all in the name.

Roxas President’s Inn is proud of excellent customer service as much as Filipino heritage, art, and architecture. It’s easy to tell. From the time we booked to the day we checked in and stayed, we received nothing but the best accommodation. It was very personal and intimate, especially when the hotel manager, Edna, engages you in a casual talk over breakfast—about Manuel Roxas whose home is just a few blocks away, about the concept of the hotel, and the pieces of artifacts on display at the lobby.

In fact, it felt like going home to something familiar—my grandparents’ charming house back in the Spanish times. The interior of Roxas President’s Inn evokes that feeling of nostalgia, thanks to the well-thought design and the pieces of art displayed on its walls. That chandelier hanging over a grand staircase that leads to the second floor greets you with a warm “feel at home” welcome.

Worry not, it’s not a museum or library-like atmosphere you get. The 15 rooms, which are named after the presidents of the Philippines, are stylishly designed suites furnished with the essentials for a relaxing stay. The Marcos Suite where we stayed was airconditioned, has a queen-sized bed for two, a mini bar, television, telephone, and a spacious toilet and bath. It was clean and fresh, and I was so comfy I felt like it was my own room back home.

We arrived on a Thursday night. After freshening up, we headed straight to a nearby seafood restaurant, Coco Veranda. And then, after dinner, we walked around the town’s plaza, took a few photos by the bridge, and grabbed a few bottles of beer. It was the first day of our Panay Island-Iloilo trip. We decided to call it a day, glad that we had a place as homey as Roxas President’s Inn to stay for the night.

Roxas City Bridge

The Old Capiz Bridge overlooking the Panay River is a short walk from Roxas President’s Inn.

How to Get There

Roxas City, the capital of Capiz, is in Panay Island at the central part of the Philippines. It’s a short flight away from key cities around the country, and is very close to Iloilo and Boracay.

Both Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have daily trips to Roxas. From Manila, the trip lasts for 60 minutes. From Cebu City, about 50 minutes. Airfare costs as low as P800 and as high as P4000, depending on seat sales and availability. On some days, Philippine Airlines doesn’t have a direct trip from Cebu to Roxas, it will need a connecting flight to Manila which is way farther and more expensive. From Iloilo City, getting to Roxas can take 2 hours by van and 3 hours by bus. The fare ranges from P150 to P200.

Once in Roxas, you can take a tricycle to almost any point of the city. Roxas President’s Inn is about 6 minutes from the airport.

Roxas President’s Inn
Rizal Street cor Lopez Jaena Street
Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines
Telephone: (036) 6210-208
Facebook: Roxas President’s Inn

* Room rates include breakfast.
* Major credit cards are accepted.


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