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Part 1: Kawasan Falls: The Best of Nature + Adventure
“In the town of Badian, 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, the crowd drawer is a gorgeous waterfalls named Kawasan.”

So, you hiked some more, crossed a few bamboo bridges, and walked up a dam. After about 15 minutes of walk from the second level, this scene finally greets you….



1898019_797239333639559_33684080_nCHARICEI felt the power of the waterfalls when I first saw it. It scared me a bit, thinking I could break my bones or get killed if I go under the falling water. But stronger than that fear was my astonishment by its beauty. As you look around the place and you scrutinize the waterfalls, you won’t fail to notice the clear bluish water that sparkles in the sunlight. It’s perfect for a cold swim in summer and a great place for adventure. Kawasan definitely has a lot of surprises for you, more than what you see on the internet. You only need to challenge yourself a little and let the fun happen in this famous destination in Cebu.

I highly recommend Kawasan Falls for tourists who are looking for different experience with nature. There’s more than one waterfalls in Kawasan, so that gives you a lot of options where to swim. Whatever falls you pick, expect the water to be extra cold. You probably would prefer wearing a rash guard instead of a bathing suit. And to make the best of fun, go as a group and try canyoneering.

207900_1791167932144_912073_nJOSEPH–When we reached Kawasan, we were greeted by the warm smile of the locals who also led us to the waterfalls. It was a short trek, which took us about 20 minutes with selfies and photoshoot during the walk. The clear water in the river already hinted that we were about to see something unexpected, and to my surprise, it was really beyond expectation. I was totally in awe as I stood before the waterfalls. It was a memorable experience, I’ll give it five stars.

They call it the “source”. Unlike the other waterfalls, this one is more calm and only about a meter high. For what it lacks, it compensates, because this waterfalls is equally impressive. If you follow back the strong gush of clear, cold, freshwater, you will end up with big rocks safely anchored on the mountain. From there, everything is left to your imagination.


Nature is in full force. The gargling sound of the water as it makes its way to the pond and the river is joined by the rustling green foliage, the sleepless crickets, and the jolly birds.


Take a dip in the cold water….


Jump from the cliff….


Or just sit by the rocks and spend good times with a friend.


Bus, Cebu City to Badian–P110 (non-aircon); P130 (aircon)
Habal-habal if coming from Osmena Peak–P300 (two riders)
Entrance fee at Kawasan–P10
Cottage–starts at P1500 (or rent a table at P500)
Raft to get under the falls–P300
Bus, Badian to Cebu City–P110 (non-aircon); P130 (aircon)
Food–better bring your own to save money

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