I’ve Been to Manila Series

Known for its clock tower, the Manila City Hall in Ermita is the main administrative building of the city of Manila. It has seen prominent figures take a seat in the government, including Alfredo Lim, Joseph Estrada, and Isko Moreno. In front of the city hall is the statue of Arsenio Lacson, a journalist who was elected mayor of Manila from 1952 to 1962.

“One is hard pressed to define the architecture of the Manila City Hall. Note for instance the absence of an entrance as well as the random placement of the tower. Denigrated by critics when it was unveiled in the 1930s the City Hall today fascinates the viewer for precisely the same reason it was vilified, its intriguing lack of symmetry and regularity. Beautifully lighted at night it is one of Manila’s most distinctive landmarks.”

References: Wikipedia, Yahoo Travel
* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare



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