We could write an essay of pros and cons, tell you this is one bus and one jeepney ride from Manila, and way more adorable than the rest. Or describe it in the most exciting way we could, tell you how the sunlight flickers through the pine trees, how the pitch-dark surrounding unfolds into a terrific green stairways to the sky. Say this is grand and cool and breathtaking.

But we don’t want to put words into your mouth. We’ll let the photos do most of the talking. So, for your eyes only, here are snapshots from Filipino travelers who themselves have witnessed the beauty of Maligcong, a village tucked in the mountains of Bontoc.

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Tag your crew to this remote community in Bontoc and have one of the best group travels you will ever have in the Philippines. #SquadGoals  © AC Almelor

I fell in love with this place, that’s why I keep going back. I went January last year. That was my first hike in Mt Kupapey. Then I went back in February and took this photo. When I visited in July, everything was green and fresh. And when I returned in September, the fields are all yellow, the grains are ready for harvest. It’s just beautiful. © Mia

It’s a changing scenery the whole year. In the early parts of the year, the paddies are flat beds that reflect the sky. © Alan Apolinar

Maligcong Rice Terraces is a hidden gem. While it’s not as popular as the Banaue Rice Terraces, it offers a spectacular view for those who are soul-searching and those who just want to relax. © Ritche Tejada

Maligcong Rice Terraces–what yielded from years of labor carving mountains and steeps into terraces for fields and crops–is a sight to behold! © Elal Lasola

Sunrise in Maligcong is best seen atop Mt Kupapey. Aside from the stunning view of the terraces, you might be surprised by an amazing blanket of clouds hovering above Maligcong! © Karl Olivier Jamandra


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And here comes the sun! This picturesque view at the summit is the best reward in visiting Maligcong.  © Prince Pabellano

Mt Kupapey is perfect for beginners in mountain climbing. The pine trees, sunrise, sea of clouds, and the view of the rice terraces are enough reasons for this destination to be in your bucket list. © Fritz Roquid

Time doesn’t seem to exist in Maligcong, where every day is marked by a spectacular sunrise and a glorious sunset.  © Mark James Veluya

This photo was taken just before sunrise after an hour of pitch-dark trek. © Kurt Gonzales Ibañes

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