Finally, after more than three years in Cebu, I decided to see Lambug Beach to give it my long overdue verdict. This secluded public beach is in the town of Badian, southwest of Cebu.

This side of the island is not new to me. But in all my visits, I never had the chance to see Lambug Beach. Either I ended up north in the popular diving site of Pescador Island and Moalboal, or down south in the waterfall-gifted town of Alegria. And, of course, there’s the mesmerizing, well-photographed, popular Kawasan Falls which is what Badian is known for.

This time, there’s no missing Lambug Beach anymore. I had to see it.

That was October 31. All the roads lead to the cemetery and cityfolks troop to the provinces for celebrating All Saints Day. We took the challenge of patiently waiting for a bus. Two hours waiting at the terminal was not funny. But, I said, it doesn’t matter as long as this beach we’d get to would make all the effort worth it.

My hopes were high. It shouldn’t disappoint.

Close to midnight, after some three hours on the road, we reached Badian. The bus dropped us along the highway, and from there we took a tricycle to the beach. That sounded very easy, but when you go around that time, expect the town to be pitch-black and quiet. It would be hard to flag a tricycle going to Lambug, unless you get one downtown. Good thing, our host Ate Susan, knew the challenge. She helped us arrange a tricycle who could take us from the highway to Lambug Beach Homestay.

Our home for the night was a comfy private room. It felt like we rented a whole house, because the room itself was supersized. And, as if we need more space, there’s a private bathroom that’s also super big, I could do somersaults to start the day. (This private room costs P2000. Lambug Homestay also has another private room for P1500, and dorm rooms for as low as P400.)

It was gloomy and rainy that week, and weather forecast was bad. I had to be on my feet to catch the beach while the sun was up, otherwise, I couldn’t give it a fair judgment. So, the next day, I headed right away to the beach.


Wow. Gorgeous. It was clean and quiet. The sparkling clear water was adorable. I couldn’t believe it took me three years to see that. Here are some photos I took during our visit. All photos were taken with my Huawei Mate 9 phone.

Was it worth it? Definitely.

First, it’s only a three-hour ride from the city. Since I moved to Cebu three years ago, I’ve been ticking off a list of beaches in the island. The memorable ones are those of Sta Fe in Bantayan, the coral-rich Basdako in Moalboal, and the shallow coastline of Santiago Bay in Camotes. Considering its proximity to the city, its laidback beach free from the crowd, and the beauty of its crystal-clear water and creamy fine sand—I think nothing comes close to Lambug Beach.

Second, it’s cheap. It’s a low-cost beach escapade you can have any day of the year. Transporation from Cebu City is less than P200. You can bring your food. You can pitch a tent at the beachfront. Or you can come in groups and get a dorm-type accommodation at Lambug Beach Homestay for as low as P400 per guest.

Third, it’s close to other destinations. It’s very strategic. After beach bumming, the next day’s adventure may be at Kawasan Falls, Pescador Island, Badian Island, and Moalboal.


Public Transportation /  Get to the Cebu South Bus Terminal and take a bus bound for Bato-Barili. Fare is P130. Travel time is between 3 to 4 hours. Ask the driver to drop you off Badian Public Market, then take a tricycle to the beach. Fare is about P30 per person, and the trip may take 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re not buying food and supplies, you can also go straight to the beach by dropping off at LRR Restaurant. This is at the corner of the main highway and the road going to Lambug Beach. From there, you can take a habal-habal or a tricycle.

Private Transportation / Take the south road that leads to Carcar Rotonda. Take a right turn to Barili until you pass by the towns of Dumanjug, Ronda, Alcantara, and Moalboal. In Badian, look for LRR Restaurant along the highway. Take that road that passes by Cebu International Golf Course and Resort. After some 15-20 minute drive, you’re right at the beach!


There are different types of accommodations at Lambug Beach. You can pitch a tent at the beachfront, or rent a cottage or a private room. Before our visit, I had to rely on available information online. Three things I found out: 1) there are no high-end resorts in the area; 2) a private room costs P2000 on average; 2) based on reviews, a number of customers have had awful experiences reserving a room (i.e. miscommunication)

Woah! Of course, nobody wants that extra stress when going on a vacation. So, I was very choosy picking our accommodation. I made several text messages and phone calls, and among  the few who returned my inquiry, Lambug Beach Homestay stood out. Great reviews on Facebook and Airbnb, too, so I was at peace that I was getting a good deal. It’s not beachfront, yeah, but it’s only a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Lambug Beach Homestay has six rooms which can accommodate a total of 54 guests. It’s a perfect host for team building activities. Also, given the comfort and quality of customer service, their accommodation is very well priced.

Shared Dormitory Rooms

2 SEAVIEW DORM ROOMS—P500 per person; with AC and private bathroom if exclusively booked; good for 8-10 guests; if less than 8 guests, exclusive booking is P4000

1 BIG DORM ROOM—P400 per person; with AC and shared bathroom; good for 12-16 guests; if less than 12 guests, exclusive booking is P5000

1 SMALL DORM ROOM—P400 per person; with AC and shared bathroom; good for 4-5 guests; if less than 4 guests, exclusive booking is P1600

© Lambug Beach Resort

© Lambug Beach Resort

© Lambug Beach Resort

Double Private Rooms

1 DOUBLE ROOM with shared bathroom—P1500 per night good for two guests; with AC
1 DOUBLE ROOM with private bathroom—P2000 per night good for two guests; with AC

Their rooms are also available on Airbnb. To book their rooms, 50% deposit is required. You can call or text Susan Gorit at 0916-762-0044 or 0925-460-6573 for instructions. I bet she’s easy to talk to, very compassionate and thoughtful.

The homestay also has a terrace good for group activities.

On request, the homestay can provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This has to be ordered in advance to allow enough time for preparation. Breakfast is P150 per person. Lunch and dinner is ordered from the nearby restaurant.

Lambug Beach Homestay
Lambug, Badian, Cebu
Contact: 0916-762-0044 / 0925-460-6573
Website: Lambug Beach Homestay
Facebook: Lambug Beach Homestay


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