I swear by the power of smartphone. After using Huawei phones, however, I now know that it can’t be just any smartphone. So, I swear by the power of Huawei.

The first Huawei phone I’ve tried was the Mate S. Impressive. Better than my past phones by leaps and bounds. And then in a span of months, I shifted to P9 Plus. It was superb. The dual camera functionality alone got me sold to keep it as my only tool for blogging and phoneography—phone photography, that is. And this video of Kristian Dowling, a top global celebrity-entertainment photographer, made me love the P9 a lot.

You still think the P9 dual cam is just hype? Nope. Not when you see its customer reviews and testimonials from every corner of the world. Even professional photographers were wowed, they admit it’s the best phone in the market right now for those who want to take phoneography seriously. And it’s definitely not just hype when all the other competitors also joined the dual cam race, wishing they could outplay the Leica co-engineered camera.

© Huawei

Feathers in its cap

With its P9 flagship phone out in the market for a few months, Huawei closed 2016 with a bang. Gadget and technology reviewers Yugatech proclaimed the P9 as Product of the Year in the YugaTech Choice Awards. Huawei’s phone was also Smartphone of the Year, Best Smartphone Camera, and Best Designed Smartphone for the Readers’ Choice Category.

GIZGUIDEPH, on the other hand, declared Huawei P9 as the Overall Smartphone of the Year for its “premium design and performance”.

Before these awards, big lifestyle website When In Manila also hosted a debate called World War Phones to try to answer who’s the king in the mobile phone arena. It was a heated discussion that covered aspects of camera, pricing, consumer reception, and overall experience—areas that Huawei P9 has a strong reputation.

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The proof of the pudding

In December 2016, Huawei held an exhibit of some of the millions of photos taken using P9. The event was held at the Greenbelt Park in Makati City.

“I was amazed to see my photos face to face in those big frames. I wanted to take them home,” Jewel Delgado, one of the featured phoneographers shared.

Some customers also saw  potential value in smartphone photos. Jan Marlo Palencia, who now uses his P9 to shoot wedding events, had one of his exhibited works sold. “With P9, I started seeing the world in a wider perspective. And the best part is that the experience opened new doors for me,” he said.

Below are some of my favorites from the exhibit. Notice the features of P9–monochrome, bokeh, professional camera, long exposure settings–in full work.

© Seph Cham

© Karl Ivan Presentacion

© Jewel Delgado

© Jack Ponpon

© Chi Chi Tullao

© Edwin Martinez

© Will Lenterna

© Karl Ivan Presentacion

© Kara Chung


© Seph Cham

© Jan Marlo Palencia

© Kara Chung

© Mimi Gonzales

© Karl Ivan Presentacion

© Edwin Martinez

© Hannah Reyes Morales

© Jeffrey Rilles

© Jan Marlo Palencia

© Peter Paul Gil

© Edwin Martinez

© Potpot Pinili

© Chi Chi Tullao

© Abbie Ruiz


All photos in this article were used with permission from Huawei Philippines.


ArisMape is a travel insider at ABS-CBN's Choose Philippines. He loves orange, halo-halo, and PowerPoint, and hates beef, slow internet, and long taxi lines. His pastime is watching people watch other people. He swears on the power of smartphone. His half-life? Thirty.