Chelsea and Karmele, my Ilongga pals

Chelsea and Karmele, my Ilongga pals

On the fourth day of my Negros tour, the plan was to take the night bus back to Cebu. But that was the same day I didn’t feel like going home yet, so I had to cheat on my travel plan. I decided to stay for another night in Bacolod, snooze in bed for a few more hours, and run to the office past lunch, all jazzed up and fresh. That made my second night at The Hostelry.

Well, it wasn’t the need for a room that made me stay for two nights at this hostel. It was the comfort. Had I found the place disgusting, below my taste, creepy, or trying hard, I wouldn’t have given it another night. See, the older I get, the more meticulous I become in choosing my accommodation. I don’t just want a cheap bed. I want a great experience, a home away from my favorite bed in the world, and I want being pampered as VIP. I think every customer deserves that.

design-hostelry-bacolodMore than an affordable bed—that’s the promise of The Hostelry, who promotes itself as a chic and fun accommodation. Again, it’s a hostel—not a hotel—and that letter S makes a big difference. A hotel is usually posh and upscale probably with a pool and room service, while a hostel only has the essentials. A hotel lets you own a room and bathroom, but a hostel makes them shared living spaces. A hotel is for the tourist who doesn’t mind his neighbors , while a hostel is for the young, upbeat, and sociable traveler-on-the-go.

The Hostelry isn’t just any roadside hostel, however. It lifts its image from being a conventional inn by putting class to your accommodation. When I stayed at Z Hostel, a luxury hostel in Makati, I was quite impressed by the setup. I stayed in their dormitory and it turned out to be a great experience I could proudly tell the world about. The Hostelry, the first hostel in Bacolod, ranks on that level, too. Of course, minus the rooftop bar.


You have options. There are 32 rooms in the hostel, each with a different style. The twin rooms and matrimonial rooms are on the first floor, and the shared rooms are on the second floor. A twin room has two single beds. A matrimonial room has one bed good for two. There are shared rooms with five single beds, and rooms with four bunk beds.

Each bed is provided with linen, pillow, towel, and soap. All rooms have hot and cold shower. And everyone gets a locker, except for the twin room and matrimonial room that has ample space for a closet and bench.

Matrimonial Room (P999 per night)

Matrimonial Room (P1150 per night)

Single Shared Room (P399 per night)

Single Shared Room (P450 per person)

Single Room (P999 per night)

Twin Bed Room (P1150 per night)

The second floor also has a wide common area where guests can play board games or spend the night socializing with their travel buds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a book lover or a Pokemon-Go fan, grab one of those bean bags to the corner and detach yourself from the rest of the world. Or get your newfound friends and watch a movie (bring your popcorn) at the media room.


Whether you’re from the next island or the other side of the world, regardless of what brings you to the capital of Negros, this modest hostel can be your home. It was for me.


Accommodation starts at P350!
Bunk Beds—4 bunk beds in a room, with bathroom
Single Shared—5 single beds in a room, with bathroom
Twin—2 single beds in a room
Matrimonial—one matrimonial bed

Bunk Beds (P350 per night)

Bunk Beds (P400 per night)

Single Shared Room (P399 per night)

Single Shared Room (P450 per person)

1. Bring your own padlock.
2. Rates in this article are subject to change.
3. Minimize the noise especially in the common areas.


  • Inexpensive accommodation
  • Comfortable, clean, and fresh (including washrooms)
  • Linen, pillow, soap, and towel provided
  • Located downtown; close to establishments
  • A short walk to 7-Eleven and some restaurants (Roli’s Café at ground floor)
  • Accessible to public transportation
  • 24-hour security and reception
  • Helpful and courteous staff
  • Assists with airport transfers and van rentals
  • Good place for socializing with guests


  • No wifi (stayed June 2016)
  • No telephone and television in the room (again because it’s a hostel)
  • Can get noisy depending on guests
  • Warm lighting in most areas

The Hostelry

Roli’s Arcade, La Salle Avenue
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Facebook: The Hostelry
Contact Nos: 09289876003 / (034) 4322663
Rate sheet: download here

M O B I L E     P H O T O G R A P  H Y

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