(Part IV of the La Union Series)

Busy slicing tomatoes, Danica and I started the talk about their farm. She shared that the business has been around for many years, in fact as early as the 1980s. The passion of farming grapes started with her grandfather Cirilo, a government employee who had to find other means of supporting a family of seven. With his eldest son, Danny, he was able to put up a vineyard and grow their own grapes. It was not an easy start, but faith and passion survived the business until it became sustainable.

The farm is already more than 30 years in business. Everyone of the Gapuzes has their own share of work in raising the legacy of their parents. Danny oversees the operations. Joe, the youngest of the Gapuz sons, who learned the ins and outs of grapes growing in California, works heavily on introducing grapes to local farmers. He sets a high goal of selling grapes cuttings every month and assists farmers in growing their own vineyards. Romy, who gave us a demo on pruning the vines, is also busy with farmwork. Danica, on the other hand, works aggressively on the marketing stuff.

* Gapuz Farms sells grapes cuttings and assists interested farmers in growing their own vineyards. For grapes cuttings supply, demos, and seminars, you can contact Joe Gapuz at 0915.888.6724.

* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.

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