I’ve Been to Manila Series

Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

The naughty mood of the restaurant makes it a good dating place for lovers and lovers-on-the-rocks. For the first timer, the concept of the place is already a good topic to warm up the talk over dinner. Don’t expect a fine dining setup in Gayuma. Here, it’s like walking into your neighbor’s house for a Valentine’s Day party, only more intimate because you don’t really know (most likely) the folks next to your table.

To our surprise, the restaurant already changed menu. I thought I could have a Major Major Love Affair and other funky dishes like Rock Me Baby; Tall, Dark, and Handsome; and Size Doesn’t Matter. Still, the night ended well. More than the savory dinner, the warmth of friendship made it unforgettable.

The menu came in pink paper, plain and unpretentious. We had a lot of fun reading the names of the dishes: Saging Lang ang May Puso, No Boyfriend Since Birth, Kiss Sabay Hug, I’m Wild For You—although I heard the waiter said I’m hard for you—and the list goes on.

After we ordered and made ourselves hungrier with a lot of laughing around, the chitchat and photo op started. We talked about everything under the sun. The board on the wall was another entertainment. The scribbles read: Nilasing ni Faye si Frank, Kinain ni Alyssa ang lumpia ni Igo, Umorder ng Oink-Oink—funny thoughts from customers..

Gayuma also has a naughty corner which called my attention. There’s also this big frame on the restaurant’s wall that adds some touch of home to the place. The painting shows a boy sucking his fingers. I suppose it was meant to be naughty, too, but I was a little wholesome that night it escaped my attention until I reviewed the photos I took.

It took eternity before we met the funny dishes on our table. In the middle of the party, Yashmeen was summoned by the fortune teller. The advice, forget about boys. And then, manna from heaven came. Our food was served.

1) Please Be Careful With My HeartThis chicken baked in olive oil and garlic is the perfect cure for the heart that needs a little TLC.
2) Kabit—Extra rice came with a whole clove of garlic! Who can deny it was garlic rice?
3) No Boyfriend Since Birth—With shellfish in this perfect blend of pesto and cheese and garlic pan de sal toast, who needs boys?
4) I’m Wild For You—Spaghetti concoction of wild mushroom in rich white cheesy creamy sauce.
5) Kiss Sabay Hug—Chicken and pork adobo lettuce wrap.
6) The Wicked Chicken—Grilled chicken breast fillet in cocoa and cinnamon with a dash of cayenne.
7) Twisted Pavlova—With a sprinkle of magic dust and a swish of the wand, seduce with this foamy Australian fruity delight. Definitely a must-try.
8) Beats Sex Anyday—Rich chocolate cake mercilessly topped with butterscotch, cream and chocolate bits.


123 V. Luna Extension, Sikatuna Village
Quezon City, Philippines
Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 12:00 am
Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Take a cab to Gayuma ni Maria.

Seriously, from the MRT or LRT station in Cubao, take a jeepney bound for Anonas. Ask the driver to drop you off at Savemore Supermarket on Maginhawa Street. Walk straight to your right until you see Sr Pedro’s Chicken on the other side of the street. Gayuma is a few steps from there, right after Silong Spa.

* Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.


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