Popular for authentic Italian dishes at a good value

Check Zomato, the restaurant review app, and this is what you see on Friuli Trattoria’s page.

First, it says popular. Yes, it’s word of mouth for good pizza and pasta on the food mecca of Maginhawa Street. In a perfect score of 5, Friuli currently boasts a score of 4.2 from almost 300 Zomato reviews and 200 reviews on looloo. The crowd that visits the restaurant everyday supports that. It makes the place too small, despite the two floors that can actually fit up to 50 guests.

And then, it says Italian dishes. When I think of Italian food, I think of fresh ingredients prepared simply. I think of cheese and olives and basil, of risotto, and pasta, and pizza. I think of the fine wine and the best gelato. Friuli’s menu offers a good option of Italian food, mostly pizza and pasta. Authentic Italian dishes that won’t disappoint. No kidding.


But, don’t expect fine dining. You’ll know from its name that it’s a trattoria, which means small restaurant, not a gourmet restaurant for haute cuisine. (Friuli, in case you’re curious if she’s the owner, she’s not. It’s a region in the northeast border of Italy, close to Slovenia and Austria.) The restaurant is unassuming, with plastic chairs and checkered tablecloths. No frills dining. But with aircon, good music, and a clean washroom, what else can you ask for? The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach anyway, so relax and enjoy the food.

Last, it says good value. Many customers actually get surprised with the serving size. It’s big for the price. Sulit, if you sum it up in one word. In fact, you can throw a party for your gang of five without getting past the thousand peso mark.

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Since the restaurant started in 2006, it has tried its best to keep that promise. “We want to be known for good pizza, pasta, and desserts at reasonable prices. We make sure that we use the best ingredients the cost of each dish could afford,” shares Pebble, the owner of Friuli.

So, when we walked in that busy Sunday, we had to look for proof. Playing as an investigative team ready to debunk the claim, we readied our tummies for a mouthwatering treat of Maginhawa’s best pasta and pizza. Here’s what we found.

Toasted Ravioli (P145)
Crispy, deep fried ravioli. This is a beef dish with rich cheese flavor and some veggies. It’s also sprinkled with parmesan cheese, and goes well with that Friuli tomato sauce. Six pieces of these good-sized ravioli is good for three to six people.

Toasted ravioli from Friuli Tratoria

Mozarella Sticks (P150)
Crunchy outside and gooey inside. I’ve eaten cheese sticks from another restaurant, so it’s difficult not to compare. This one didn’t taste very cheesy, but compensated in the size and the texture. With the spicy salsa, this can easily be your favorite cheese sticks.

Cheese stick from Friuli Trattoria

Margherita Pizza (P195)
Thin-crust, 10-inch pizza with a distinct taste of garlic and herbs, plus two layers of mozzarella cheese topped with fresh tomatoes. There’s a reason this is a best seller.

Margherita Pizza from Friuli Trattoria

Tre Formaggi Pizza (P200)
This pizza is an overload of cheese. Thin crust, 10 inches, with a generous topping of mozzarella, cheddar, and blue cheese. The cheese lover will definitely give this pizza a good score.

Formaggi Pizza from Friuli Trattoria

Viva Venezia (P225)
This variety boasts of a rich flavor of ground beef, mushrooms, bell pepper, onions, and olives. Another best seller.

Viva Venezia pizza from Friuli Trattoria
Tuna and Mushroom Spaghetti (P125)
You’ll love this pasta for its creamy and spicy white sauce with tuna and mushroom.

Tuna pasta from Friuli Trattoria

Capellini Alla Putanesca (P145)
Angel hair with Friuli Trattoria’s version of putanesca–made of tomatoes, capers, anchovies and olives.

Angel Hair Pasta from Friuli Trattoria

What else can make it more Italian than gelato? We’re lucky we had a taste of the almost-always-sold-out  “After Eight” gelato cake. (P100) It’s mint gelato between layers of rich chocolate. The truffle was also a good pick to wrap up the overeating.



Friuli Trattoria

79-A Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
Facebook: Friuli Trattoria
Contact: (02) 434 1416
Also try Friuli Trattoria at the UP Town Center
and at 27 West Lawin St., Philam Homes, Quezon City
Read customer reviews for this restaurant at Zomato and looloo


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