I remember the first time we met.

I remember that was one warm summer night in April. When the clock hit eight, I rushed out of the building to catch a cab. I couldn’t afford to miss you longer. After many months of you lingering in my thoughts, we’d finally look each other in the eye. I wonder if there would be sparks.

At a small tea shop beside FEU, there you were, the best two pints in my life. Gorgeous. My heart skipped a bit when you smiled at me.

Even when you sat quietly on my table, I looked at you with so much admiration. I watched the thin sheet of ice melt on your cover, and when I lifted the lid open, you stared at me irresistibly. Tea, coffee, or me? I giggled and quickly replied: you. I ran the silver spoon softly down your back. And you giggled. With nachos for a twist, we shared that warm summer night with happy thoughts of Brazilian coffee and butter pecan.

Whoa! It’s been a while. This cold December gives me all the thoughts of you. Oh, how about seeing me on Christmas Eve? I’m sure I’d be glad to see you again.


Love and kisses,

Secret Admirer


ArisMape is a travel insider at ABS-CBN's Choose Philippines. He loves orange, halo-halo, and PowerPoint, and hates beef, slow internet, and long taxi lines. His pastime is watching people watch other people. He swears on the power of smartphone. His half-life? Thirty.