Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream

Ice cream halo-halo (Huawei Mate S)

Of the many destinations in Panglao, one hotspot that should end up in your itinerary is Bohol Bee Farm. If you’re staying at Alona, you can start a Bee Farm teaser at The Buzzz Café found along the street to Alona Beach, close to Hennan Resort. The charming café sells ice cream of different colors and flavors, scooped in a dainty cone of cassava starch locally known as cabcab.

A Success Story

The Buzzz Café is just one of the success stories of Vicky Wallace, a US-based nurse who decided to go home for good and discover a whole new life in Bohol. To start afresh, she bought some land at a small price, and turned it to a garden so she can sell vegetables. When her garden pulled in customers who wanted to harvest fresh produce, Vicky then expanded the business to her kitchen, baked bread and muffins, and perfected her special corn coffee brew. The rest, as success stories often go, was history.

Now, Vicky’s simple garden has grown to the sprawling Bohol Bee Farm, which is also a resort, a dive shop, and restaurant rolled into one. She now manages around 330 staff in different locations in the country, and her homegrown Buzzz Café now numbers to four and has found their way to the malls.

Bohol Bee Farm

Squash bread and cabcab. (Huawei Mate S)

A Complete Destination

It was the day I turned 30+ for the second time. From The Barn, my accommodation in Alona, I flagged a tricycle to take me to the outskirts of Dauis, on a cliff that has one of the best views of the Bohol Sea. I was welcomed by Vicky, who seemed very busy that day, as she was supervising the construction of her new coffee shop. Her daughter Mellanie gladly led me to a table at a corner of their restaurant, and in that spot I would have a big birthday lunch. In that same spot, I’d also discover that there’s more to Bohol Bee Farm than ice cream and bees and a sweet success story.

Here are 11 things you’ll love about Bohol Bee Farm.

1. The Food

The restaurant has a long menu of meat, seafood, pasta, and sweets. If you’re game for a full meal and want to taste the best of everything, I recommend the Farm Buffet. At P680 plus 10% service charge, you get to taste their must-try salad, a tasty seafood soup, and some other specials. Here’s what the buffet includes:

Flowery salad at Bohol Bee Farm.

The well-photographed, colorful, flowery garden salad. (Huawei Mate S)

Fresh and crunchy vegetable roll--carrot, cucumber, mango, peanut butter and cheese wrapped in lettuce and soft cassava sheets.

Fresh and crunchy vegetable roll–carrot, cucumber, mango, peanut butter and cheese wrapped in lettuce and soft cassava sheets. (Huawei Mate S)

Buffet at Bohol Bee Farm

What a sumptuous buffet of pork and fish and chicken and…more. (Huawei Mate S)

It also comes with the complimentary cabcab chips with pesto and green tomatoes, plus squash bread and homemade spreads. The main dish is quite sumptuous: grilled fish, honeyglazed chicken, and spare ribs. Plus, a tasty seafood soup of fish, squid, shrimp, mushroom, camote tops, and alugbati.

Red rice at Bohol Bee Farm

Chewy organic red rice with cassava is also served, plus one round of homemade ice cream to cap the heavenly meal.

2. Lemongrass Juice

This is part of the buffet, but I think their lemongrass juice deserves a special mention. You’ll love it not only for the refreshing minty flavor, but also for its health benefits. Lemongrass is known for its detoxifying benefits and for relaxing the stomach.


Huawei Mate S

3. The View

Bohol Bee Farm has a perfect location. It sits on a cliff that gives you a glimpse of Pamilacan Island, a popular diving spot in Bohol, and when the sky is clear, the islands of Camiquin and Siquijor. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Bohol Sea while catching up with family and friends. Take a lot of photos and selfies with the beautiful background.


4. The Dive Shop

From the restaurant, there are steps that lead you to down to the dive shop. You can go scuba diving through their expert dive instructors. It costs P3000 for one person, but if you’ve got one or more company, you get it at P2500 per person. You can also go snorkeling, or if you want a laid-back vacation, just hangout at the dive shop and enjoy your sunbathing moments.


Huawei Mate S

5. The Pasalubong Store

There’s plenty to take home from Bohol Bee Farm—from honey and tea, to baked goodies, delicacies, and spreads, even arts and crafts. The store opens are early as 5:30 AM and closes at 10 PM. It accepts credit cards. Check out their collection here.


6. The Spa & Resort

To relax, you can dip in the pools and get a soothing massage. Try out their signature hilot, a traditional Boholano massage that uses the therapeutic qualities of lemongrass oil, or the hilot panuhot which uses virgin coconut oil with peppermint and fresh ginger. Of course, there’s the mainstay: Swedish, Shiatsu, and Ventosa. The spa also offers hand and foot care, body scrub, and facial services.

Hilot—P1200, 2 hours
Hilot Panuhot—P900, 1 hr
Swedish—P700, 1 hr
Body Scrub—P1600, 1 hr
Herbal Garden Facial—P1200, 1 hr



7. The Rooms

Bohol Bee Farm also provides posh accommodation. There are several rooms to choose from, different themes and sizes. I think it’s a good choice staying here because you have access to everything—the beach, the restaurant, the dive shop, and it’s just seven kilometers to Alona. Check here for their promos and packages.

Ocean View Suite
King-size bed + single bed good for 3 guests
Aircon, TV, hot & cold shower, refrigerator, mini bar
With breakfast

Family Room
2 queen-size beds good for 4 guests
Aircon, TV, hot & cold shower, refrigerator, mini bar
With breakfast


Family Room (Photo Credit: Bohol Bee Farm)

Deluxe Room
1 queen-size bed + single bed
Maximum of three guests
Veranda with lounge area and pool view
Aircon, TV, hot & cold shower, refrigerator, mini bar
With breakfast


Deluxe Room (Photo Credit: Bohol Bee Farm)

Standard Room
1 queen-size bed + single bed
Maximum of three guests
Veranda with garden view
Aircon, TV, hot and cold shower, refrigerator, mini bar

8. The Farm Tour

There’s a walking tour that starts every 30 minutes from 8 AM. This tour walks you through the farm and herb gardens, and is a good introduction to organic farming. You’ll also see their workers in action as they make Bee Farm products. There are workstations for weaving loom, making bags and various crafts, making ice cream, and packing tea and honey. The tour costs only P30 per guest.


9. The Ice Cream

Don’t miss their popular ice cream. Sold at P60 per scoop, it comes in different flavors like chocolate, spicy ginger, mango, avocado, tomato, and ube. The best seller among the flavors is durian. During my visit, I tried the ice cream halo-halo with buko ice cream. It was the perfect dessert to cap that heavenly birthday lunch.


Photo Credit: Candice Guilaran

10. The Coffee Shop

The open-air coffee shop is the newest addition to the Bohol Bee Farm. It wasn’t done yet during my visit, but I look forward to going back to taste of Vicky’s original corn coffee. The cafe also serves organic coffee, homemade carrot muffins, and squash muffins.


11. Great Customer Service

Vicky is a hands-on manager who oversees the daily grind in the farm. The staff, waiters, and everyone who works at Bohol Bee Farm walks the extra mile to give the best customer service that will make you love the place more.



Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol
Phone: (63) 38-402-2288
Mobile: (63) 917-304-1491
Facebook: Bohol Bee Farm Resort and Restaurant

M O B I L E     P H O T O G R A P  H Y

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