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Instagram: dyanlangph
Facebook: Aris Mape
Cebu City, Philippines

Aris Mape

I love orange, halo-halo, and PowerPoint. I hate beef, slow internet, and long taxi lines. I consider 30 as my half-life, so that’s 30 more years of capturing the best moments of my hobbit-years.

In high school, I was able to travel around the Philippines when I joined writing competitions, But it was only when I got brokenhearted that I went places to appreciate the world. My solo tours brought me to Caramoan, Calaguas, and Palaui. The Philippines, I realized, is so beautiful I must write about it. That started my interest in blogging and photography.

Now, I’m based in Cebu City working as a trainer for personal and career development. At work, I manage new employee onboarding and host webinars joined by folks from different parts of the globe. Even with a full-time job, I make sure I hit the road at least every month.

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Instagram: abbie.lity
Facebook: Abs Ruiz
Cebu City, Philippines

I work as an account manager for one of Asia’s largest talent-sourcing companies. Although I’m very passionate about my job–and I think bridging employers and job seekers is a very meaningful work do–my true passions are photography and travel. And Instagram! Even before I moved to Cebu, I already  got drawn to taking photos especially of waterfalls. I’ve been to a number of places in Cebu, some in Mindanao and the rest of the Visayas, but only once in Luzon. I’ve also been engaged in several social media campaigns for big and small brands.

What do you do outside of travel blogging?
Food. Photos and videos on Tasty and Food Network catch my attention. In my free time, I cook  and have friends rate my skills in the kitchen. I also like taking photos of food, but they’re off-theme with my Instagram feed, so I post them on Facebook. I have this quest of finding the best iced dessert in the world, so whenever a restaurant offers milkshakes or halo-halo I would always try.

What is your style of traveling?
I’m into landscapes and waterfalls–that’s obvious in my Instagram feed. I also love portrait and street photography, especially nights shots of the city, but I’m really more into filling my social media accounts with the relaxing view of nature.

How does travelling impact your life?
Travelling allows me to have a better perspective in life. Gadgets and fancy possessions don’t last, but experiences and memories of the good times last a lifetime. It allows me to build relationships and make new friends  across the country. It’s one way to make the most of my life while I’m still young and have the time and energy to do these things. I see traveling as paying myself back. As we say, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a plane ticket.


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