This blog is a masterpiece of three Filipino travelers who want to share their stories about the Philippines. Three different perspectives from a solo traveler who wants the roads less traveled, a mountaineer who runs after the most challenging trips, and a mobile photographer who pushes the limits of his camera phone. All three will bring you the best photos and tales of adventure as they explore more of the Philippines.

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Instagram: dyanlangph
Facebook: Aris Mape
Cebu City, Philippines

Aris Mape

Photo by Roui Faelnar

I love orange, halo-halo, and PowerPoint. I hate beef, slow internet, and long taxi lines. I consider 30 as my half-life, so that’s 30 more years of capturing the best moments of my hobbit-years.

In high school, I was able to travel around the Philippines when I joined writing competitions, but not until I got heartbroken and my soul-searching tours led me to Caramoan, Calaguas, and Palaui Islands did I truly get interested in blogging and photography. The Philippines, I realized, is so beautiful I must write about it.

Now, I’m based in Cebu City working as a behavioral trainer in a premier BPO company. At work, I manage new employee onboarding, and on less busy days, I host webinars attended by folks from different parts of the globe. Even with a full-time job, I make sure I hit the road at least every month. That’s the reason I relocated to Cebu anyway–to see more of the Visayas and Mindanao.

More about me? Read here.


Website: No Juan Is An Island
Instagram: no_juan_is_an_island
Facebook: Lester Sotelo
Manila, Philippines

Lester Sotelo

I’m a true-blue Baguio boy. I was once an academician, an editor, and a clinical scientist. Now,  I work as a pharmaceutical product specialist and a review lecturer. I love matcha and pistachio, and I dream of putting up my own café in the near future. As a mountain and photography enthusiast, I believe that passion and the right perspective are the key to victory.  I’ve been to many destinations in the Philippines, from the islands of Batanes and Calayan in the north, to the southernmost island of Saluag in Tawi-Tawi.

What do you do outside of blogging?
I love cooking and watching American TV series.

How did you start travelling and blogging?
Climbing Mount Pulag sort of started everything. It unlocked the wanderlust in me. As for blogging, it started in 2015. I wanted a reminder of my travels. It feels good to reminisce travel experiences through your own journals. I also hope that someday the things I share online will be my legacy to my loved ones.

What is your brand of traveling?
I’m into mountaineering and solo backpacking.

What were the best lessons you’ve learned from traveling?
That diversity can be a limitation. It has invisible walls. And traveling can teach people to break these walls. Because of my travels, I’ve learned that if we have a shared memory or experience, we’ll understand each other’s culture and community better.

Having been to several countries, do you think it’s really “more fun in the Philippines”?
It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines. It’s my home, and it’s where my heart is.


Website: Saan Pow Punta?
Instagram: attypowell
Facebook: Powell Abogado
Bulacan, Philippines

Powell Abogado
On weekdays, I wear a lab gown and work on analytical test methodologies for a pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory. I’m neither a lab geek nor a lab rat. I’m cooler than that. On weekends, I hoist a backpack. I’ve made exploring the outdoors a hobby, and some of the adventurous trips I had were in the islands of Samar and Romblon, down to Cotabato and the busy sea port of GenSan. On financially-dry weekends, I hibernate in bed, or battle with my laundry, and write for my blog. I write mostly about natural destinations and the outdoors.

Why should people travel in the Philippines?
Being an archipelago, the Philippines offers diverse adventures. The country is abundant in different types of destinations, you can pick whatever suits your taste or take the chance to experience all of it.

How did you start traveling and blogging?
Before, I equated traveling only to summer getaways with friends and families. But in the summer of 2015, I joined a random backpacking trip to Apo Reef in Occidental Mindoro, enjoyed the whole experience, and gained a set of travel buddies. After that trip, we had more getaways week after week. Few months later, I traveled to Northern Samar and met two Peace Corps volunteers who advised me to put up a blog to document my travels. I’m very easy to persuade (aka gullible?), so voila! — Saan Pow Punta? was born.

What’s your brand of traveling?
I’m more of a “(solo) backpacker”. Although I oftentimes go on group backpacking trips, a few solo travels have never been out of the scene. I feel a different kind of relaxing vibes when I’m alone, which perhaps indicates a bit of introversion. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy travelling with groups!

Why do you travel?
Travelling opened windows for me and pushed me to have an active lifestyle. By getting out of the comfort of my bed, I’ve seen what it’s like in different places and how wonderful it is to live and experience the world.



Although we’ve been to many places around the Philippines, the three of us have not traveled altogether. Here are some of the photos we’ve captured in our own travels. More on our Instagram accounts.

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