1-Oas2The Town of Oas, Part 4 of 6

Now, baskets and beaches. They have so much in common. Both of them have been around for years providing the Oasnuns a source of livelihood. And both of them also need so much attention and innovation to be able to make it big in the market.

Weaving baskets has been a thriving industry for many decades. It’s heritage passed on from parents
to children and grandchildren. It’s a craft polished by time. More than a source of livelihood that sent
children to school and filled hungry stomachs, it’s a sacrifice–a devotion to hardwork and the dream
that one day, they will see better days.

The basket industry in Oas, however, remains small-scale, with most of the locals weaving for other
big businessmen instead of them leading the action. The potential is big. With further training,
innovation, and financial support to the locals, baskets from Oas will still make a big name in the

Unknown to many, Oas has good beaches, too. Many of the townfolks still go to the beaches of Sto Domingo and Bacacay when actually there are also nice beaches in Cagmanaba and Maramba. With its location, these beaches are great for sunsets, and of course, the usual beach fun! Marketing has to be intensified for these beaches, facilities at the resorts should be made competitive, and transportation to the coastal areas should be faster and easier.

Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort
This resort is located at the coasts of Maramba and about an hour and a few minutes from the town
proper. It offers activities like kayaking and banana boat rides.
Website: http://www.sabandoocampobeachresort.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sabandoocampobeach

Diwata Imacoto Beach Resort
This resort is located at Sitio Imacoto in Cagmanaba.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diwata-Imacoto-Beach

Photos of baskets c/o Aris Mape
* Photo credits for the beach photos: Imacoto Beach Resort, Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort


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