The Town of Oas, Part 6 of 6

Spending summer in Oas? Don’t pass up the chance of seeing the gorgeous beaches of Cagmanaba and Maramba. If you’re not a sea-lover and just want a dip to freshen up, go check this lovely pool resort in Balogo.

Hidden in the outskirts of Oas, close to the water reservoir at the foot of Mt Masaraga, is a gorgeous destination for summer: Balogo Farm Resort. It’s still a surprise for many that there’s such a nice pool in town. Well, there wasn’t a marketable one for many years. In fact, locals who want a swim would usually troop to the popular options in the towns of Guinobatan, Tabaco, Sto Domingo, and Legazpi.

It’s easy to fall in love with the resort. Besides the sweet fresh air from the mountains, the garden, the giant ferns, and the trees all bring you close to nature. Balogo Farm Resort has two pools–well, it needs some upgrade and scrubbing–where friends and families can swim and dip the whole day. The resort has cottages for rent, so you can definitely bring your own food. They have a grilling station, too, so why not have that barbecue or tilapia sizzling hot from the grill.

The resort is also a good location for events, seminars, and camps. Nearby you can also check the river and wade in the cool clear water from the heart of the mountains.

Balogo, Oas, Albay
Entrance fee: P40; Cottage rental: P250; Open from 7AM to 6PM
For special arrangements and other inquiries, please contact them at the following:
Mobile: 0915.220.6039


Can Oas Hype Tourism?
In my six posts, I looked at different areas that can make tourism lively in Oas. In “A Homecoming”, I wrote about the warmth of home and the joy of meeting friends and families. Oas may not have the infrastructure–hotels, malls, movie houses–but there’s always a place called home to cure the nostalgia. In “Tourism and Traditions” I covered fiestas and the Pastores dancers as a crowd drawer. In “The Sense of Masiram”, I highlighted a few delicacies and cuisines that we can offer on the dining table and perhaps explore further for commercial reasons. “B&B: Baskets & Beaches” is about the blessings we’ve had for many years but needed more attention now more than ever to make it big in the commercial market. “Lonely River (Still) Flows” is a light look at the river system, which needs major rehabilitation. “Balogo Farm Resort” features the only public swimming pool in town, one of the many facility investments that we should start putting up all over town.

Back to the question, Can Oas draw tourists from different places of the country and the world? The answer is yes. It may be easier said than done, but yes. Making tourism full blown in this town means having leaders who are visionaries, overflowing with creativity, innovativeness, and commitment. And of course, locals who see the value of tourism in their lives.


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