If there’s one restaurant you should not miss in Laguna, that’s Arabela in Liliw. First, this place is just on the same street as the slippers shops. Second, it has a big reputation for good food it has landed many times on blogs and newspapers. The tripadvisor sticker on the door, the framed articles from newspapers, the tables all occupied, and the local and foreign guests having good time with their food all tell that this restaurant is a must-try.

Topbilled as “Camello’s Bakehaus and Coffee Shop”, the restaurant is named after Ara and Bela, the daughters of the owner Bobby and Tonet Camello whose love for cooking has launched a sure-hit business. At first, they sold pastries only. Cakes and brownies. And coffee. Until they gained patronage they already sell everything from pizza to pasta, steak, chicken and pork, salad, and all.

The hobbit and his friend asked for a table for two. They were then led to their table in the corner of the restaurant, and right behind were the tempting cakes and the bottles of wine. Moving around was not easy. The place was cramped, and the ceiling was only 6 feet tall. But that was not a big deal for hobbits.

Curious what “kesong puti” tastes like, the hobbit took the pecan crusted chicken salad (P200), fresh greens and red leaves with sundried tomatoes. The kesong puti was just a salty curd of carabao milk, nothing more, nothing less. The vegetables were deliciously crunchy and the chicken bits were tender and tasty. The salad in Ceasar dip was perfect, made more awesome when partnered with a hot chocolate float (P90). The very accommodating and bubbly friend, Jenny, had spaghettini with aglio de oglio (P190) and a strawberry shake (P125). 

Overall, it was a great dining experience. Having a restaurant this good in the countryside was already enough reason to be happy. The food, winner.

Address: 503 Rizal St., Liliw, Laguna
Contact Numbers: 63917.204.1447, 6349.563.2495

Photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.


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